Providing the tools to understand aspiration and realise potential.

We have developed unique tools to identify the aspirations of all stakeholders within an organization, from the boardroom/steering committee to the shop floor/front desk/cashier/sales force. Understanding these aspirations allows us to set up multi-levelled communication paths, enabling all members of the organization to effectively participate in the communication process.

Communication Impact Board

Not all content should be distributed to everyone at a given point in time. Too often, employees get too much information, and can miss the essential messages.

The Communication Impact Board has been designed to assist decision-making when it comes to delivering information, to overcome the complex challenges associated with today’s digital age.




Five-Dimensional Evaluation

Internal Communication is a complex and multi-faceted process. Our Five-Dimensional Evaluation model allows us to break this process down, to identify individual strengths and weaknesses. Once we know specific strengths and weaknesses, we can target our intervention to achieve maximum results. These dimensions are:

  • Consistency – is the communication consistent over time?
  • Collaboration – are employees involved in the development of communication processes?
  • Analytics – does the organization have monitoring structures in place?
  • Coherence – does the content match the actions of the organization?
  • Effectiveness – can the organization deliver the right content to the right target in an adequate timing?


Internal Communication Progress Scale

It is important that organizations understand exactly where they sit with regards to the development of their Internal Communications processes. We have developed a 5-Level-Progress Scale, being each level categorised by certain type of complexity. By knowing where they sit on this scale, organizations can develop plans of continuous improvement for their communications strategies, whilst also having an aspirational target to aim for.




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